Kompagniet af 1991 A/S is an international textile company, founded in 1991, with headquarters in Sønderborg, Denmark. Kompagniet af 1991 has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Finland and The Netherlands.

We are a dynamic company in constant growth, which operate a number of strong and independent brands for women and children: ZE-ZE, ZHENZI, D-XEL and KIDS-UP.

Kompagniet af 1991 is based on values that are all served in different brands - which is focus on detail, colors, materials, fit and quality. The design teams are developing eye-catching clothes in today’s trend for women and children, who want to combine the latest fashion with comfort. Prices are kept at a level, where all can participate, without compromising quality.

It is modern Danish design, influenced by the international fashion universe.

Each brand launches 6 annual collections. In addition, there are regular express collections.